Jumat, 12 April 2013

Action by the minute - effective and risky

The stock market is for many people a rather red cloth, and many simply can not excited about it. Since read and hear much of a crash of huge losses and so on.This may spoil the pleasure really a very different time investment. But who wants to invest his money in the long term, perhaps with large values ​​in the stock market actually not served so badly. Large-value here is not a large sum meant, but large and well-known stocks that are listed on the DAX and able to survive for many years, have risen from every crisis, and they have mastered. If you have time, can get many more years out of his money as a classic hard money, which is not really high bezinst.

Who wants to take it very hard and in a few days would increase his assets effectively, which should deal with the issue of day trading. But beware: Where are opportunities, and risks, and are ubiquitous in the stock market. Daytrading learn is usually not that difficult, because on the Internet there are many interesting sites that deal with this issue. Fair and open reports on this type of action and not just glossed over.

The day trader buys like everyone else on the stock exchange and equities.However, he holds these shares not long, so they may sell a few minutes again, and several times a day. He exploits smallest fluctuations to small gains at the end of the day, a substantial sum but not have. The cost of bank etc. must of course be considered, but if, for example, only 20 Euros are won on the day, this is a month gained 500 euro profit. Nevertheless, it should be considered with caution and go to this kind of action and definitely not all the assets are used.

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